How does boîtier for bike work?
  • 1. Open the cabinet and lock the drawer in place to start your workout.
  • 2. Ride your bike.
  • 3. When finished your workout, unlock and close the drawer.
Do I have to remove my bike off the platform when I want to ride it?
No, you ride your bike on the platform. When your cabinet is delivered, we will mount the bike onto the drawer for you—and once in place, you're good to go. When you want to work out, just open the drawer. When you want to stow the bike, just close the drawer.
Will this work in my space? What kind of flooring is required?
9 feet of space is needed to use boîtier for bike with the drawer extended. And a flat surface, without an incline. Hardfloors like wood or stone are recommended.

Is boîtier for bike protected from sweat?

sweat protected
Yes, it's protected. boîtier for bike's drawer will have an outdoor topcoat typically used for decking/fencing to protect wood from the elements, especially water.
Custom bike mats, made specifically to fit our drawer, will also be available before shipping.

Is there really enough room to ride my bike comfortably if the cabinet is placed against the wall?

Yes, even our first prototypes were built with the intention of people riding very near the wall. This picture is with the cabinet placed 6 inches from the wall.

What about arm exercises?

Arm exercises in front of your body and overhead aren't affected. For full extensions, you will need more clearance than 6 inches, or a window recess. Here's a practical example: this clip is with extended arm exercises with the cabinet 6 inches from the wall against a window recess.

Which bikes are compatible?

Compatible bikes:
Peloton Bike
Peloton Bike+
NordicTrack S15i Studio Cycle
Bowflex C6
SoulCycle/Equinox At-Home Bike* (see note below)
Bikes measuring 24Wx59Hx59L" and under, which do not lean.
Incompatible bikes:
NordicTrak S22i Studio Cycle
NordicTrak Recumbant or Upright bikes
BowFlex VeloCore bikes
Bikes measuring over 24Wx59Hx59L" and/or leaning bikes.
Soulcycle is compatible when seat/handlebars are not set to maximum length. If using Soulcycle, please ensure your bike is set comfortably and measures 59"L or under.

When will this be ready?

April 2022 Delivery Update:
In late April we will be emailing buyers directly about delivery timelines. Deliveries are roughly on time to begin shipping in late May, early June, starting with locations nearest our assembly facility in Louisiana and working outwards. Buyers will be notified of:
A) A general delivery window. This window will be determined by a buyer's location + date of order. If you are located in Boston, for instance, you will be part of the Northeastern delivery route—trucks are being loaded with units in Louisiana, where boîtier for bike is being assembled, and offloaded to a warehouse in the northeast region, then individually delivered to a buyer's home for installation.
B) As a buyer's delivery window approaches, a buyer will be contacted individually to pick a specific day/time for delivery, to ensure boîtier for bike can be installed within a particular residence.