Our December Update

December 22, 2021

Above: Since November, newer brackets are being applied to a more final build of our drawer base (the bottom part of the drawer supporting the bike). Below are more details.

1. Gifts Delivered

In November, boîtier for bike buyers received a gift at their doorstep—one of our customized hats. The hats are made of twill cotton and craft leather. The patches are rastered and cut on our laser, then punched and hand stitched onto dyed cotton. It's a modest (but we hope) meaningful thank you to our early supporters.

Torsion Box—Hidden Strength

2. Refinement continues

With boîtier for bike, our goal has always been to merge a strongly engineered piece with a beautiful design. Our drawer base exhibits this goal well:

The inside of our base is composed of an invisible, precise grid of wood known as a torsion box—a common technique for creating strong yet light structures in engineering. Airplane wings, for instance, have used torsion-box design to support aircrafts for decades.

With our CNC router, a machine which carves out millimeter-precise pieces of wood, we are able to build our box to precise dimensions. The pieces are then fitted with a surrounding frame. The box is finished with a veneered topskin which rests flush with its hardwood frame, hiding its internal grid.

3. Surveys Out

Today, buyers began answering a very important question: Left or Right?
Remember, boîtier for bike allows you to pick the direction of your drawer to best match your space. Emails went out to buyers asking which way they'd prefer their cabinet to open.

4. Bike mats

Over the past few weeks we've been living with different samples in our apartments/homes to see which mat is best. Material (rubber, foam, etc.), thickness(1/4 inch etc.), and color are all being thought through in combination with our boîtier test units. We'll have more on our decision early next year.

We'll be back with another update in January. Till then, a happy holidays and new year,

—the boîtier team—

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