Our February Update

February 28, 2022

1. Refinement

We're excited about the progress of boîtier for bike over the past month. There are two areas of focus that we are spending time on to ensure our first units are ready this summer:

A) We've implemented a spring system on our pullout drawer which makes the user experience even better than with our first prototypes. Rather than require the additional action of locking and unlocking wheels when beginning or ending a workout, our spring system automatically locks the drawer in place when a rider is present (the person's weight compresses the springs, making the pillars of the drawer contact the ground). We will have more information on this system in our next update but believe it's a net improvement.

B) The wobble in the top of the drawer door that we mentioned in a previous update needed correcting. Stronger brackets were part of our solution and our new spring system was seemingly the final piece to prevent any movement of the door. We are continuing to test our solution and will include information on this when we write about our spring system in more detail in late March/early April.

Testing our spring system (sans door)

2. More on Scale

To clear some engineering hurdles required to make boîtier for bike a great product, over the past month we've been working more closely with one of our previously-mentioned partners: Scale. Scale's innovation team is a full-time design + fabrication firm with access to over $1 million worth of prototyping equipment. They are helping boîtier get our cabinets ready for production assembly.

Router used for prototyping some of boîtier's cabinet pieces
Fabrication capabilities include 3D printing, lasering, milling.

3. What's Left

Here's a brief rundown at a high-level on what's been done and what's left til we ship our cabinets this summer:

Completed: sell viable amount of cabinets; strengthen door; deliver gifts; user surveys; strengthen drawer;

In Progress/TBD: spring system; choice on bike mats; final testing; assembly;

Another update coming out late March/early April. À bientôt,

—the boîtier team—

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