Our January Update

January 31, 2022

1. Sold Out

Our initial batch of orders for the Fall/Winter 21/22 Season is officially sold out. We've stopped accepting orders (for now) to wholly focus on getting our first cabinets tweaked, tested and ready for delivery this summer. boîtier for bike went from prototype, to feature in publications like Domino and Apartment Therapy, to sold out product within a year--we're moving fast and again wanted to say thank you to our early supporters to getting us off the ground quickly.

2. Surveys Almost Complete

Nearly 80% of buyers have completed their surveys, specifying which way they'd like their cabinet to open and what bike they'll be using. We'll be sending reminders to those who haven't specified their configuration yet. A few fun stats on buyers' configurations thus far:

  • 60% / 40% is the breakdown of left vs. right-opening cabinets, respectively.
  • Peloton (Bike and Bike +) is the the favorite brand among our buyers.
  • Our most popular state? California residents have placed the most survey responses (and orders) for boîtier for bike.

3. Refinement

Above are shots of some of the machining which goes into building boîtier's custom drawer: As mentioned in our last post, the drawer is a precise assembly of grid + frame. Though much of boîtier for bike is completely handcrafted, the parts of the cabinet that we believe benefit from the precision of machines, we employ advanced equipment and software to make a precise product. We've also greatly improved our build times, from our initial prototype drawer taking several days to build, to now being built within a few hours. We will continue to optimize our process and incorporate feedback from our test units.

4. Refund Deadline

As previously mentioned, our full refund guarantee was always promised through the end of 2021 and was always stated to have an end date. Now that we are into 2022 and beginning to purchase large quantities of wood, metal, wheels, and other materials for our production cabinets, we are setting a date of February 7th as the full refund end date. After February 7th, we will only be able to offer partial refunds to buyers. Please email us if you have any questions.

—the boîtier team—

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