Our November Update

November 7, 2021

Above is a shot from one of the shop rooms at Scale workspace, where we've been spending a lot of time and will continue to spend time to get boîtier for bike ready for assembly.

Thank you:

One can predict, model, believe that a new category of product will work—but until we accepted orders in October, we couldn't know if people would take to the novel concept of "home-gym furniture". It turns out, they did. At boîtier, we think it's the beginning of revolution in household interiors, and we wanted to say thank you to those who've decided to order. . . .

Today's update is about our transition into "post-launch" mode. Our work over the coming months will largely fall into two categories: (1) Testing + Refinement; (2) Assembly. We will be spending the rest of the year and early into next year on Testing and Refinement.

Current focus:

Over the summer, our functional prototypes underwent initial testing within New Orleans. The drawer system is structurally sound, though we noticed in our testing a small vibration at the top of the drawer during intense workouts. In October, we've been beefing up our custom drawer brackets to eliminate any vibration of our side-door.  The result of the new brackets is the same look just a better ride. Above is a picture of prototype bracket pieces for size comparison (these are unfinished replicas used for modeling the wood).

Bike Mats:

Samples of our custom bike mats arrived at our office today!

The mats are in response to people's request to further protect their drawer if desired, but are not required for boîtier for bike. Again, boîtier will have an outdoor topcoat to protect it from sweat, but for those interested in mats: we are comparing materials from our set of samples, finalizing branding/logo design, and will keep you updated on their availability.

What's Next:

Improvements to our drawer system will continue with new bracketing as mentioned above. Look to hear from us again in mid-December!

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