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October 5, 2021
Pre order now! The home gym of tomorrow is here.

Shipping is included for all pre-orders. Deliveries begin May 2022. Please ensure you have 9 feet of space to use boîtier for bike, and that there is a means for us to install the product, such as you have done with other large furniture (wide-enough thresholds, access to a wide-enough elevator, no extreme walkups). Unit will be pre-assembled.

Bike mats:
Big news! Custom bike mats, made specifically to fit our drawer and protect your cabinet, will be available in our store later this year! The mats will come in black and will be documented on our site in a future update.

Refund policy:
If you cancel by the end of the year (2021), you will be fully refunded. If you cancel into next year, we will try to work with you, but there will be a cut off to our guarantee once we finalize logistics and make payments to suppliers. We are running the initial batch of orders as a crowdfunded campaign, where your deposits are directly paying for our materials. Please consider this before ordering.

A 3 year replacement warranty, outside of normal wear and tear, is included.

Our pledge:
We will provide an update every month on our progress as we move towards final testing, assembling, and delivering cabinets. As a buyer, you will receive these updates via email and can also always check We think transparency is crucial for pre-order projects. You can also email us at info@boitierhome and will receive a response within 72 hrs.

Whether departing or continuing on this journey with us,
—the boîtier team—

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